How did I know Bow Tie Friday was thing? I didn’t.

I’m in a position at work where I really need to wear a tie everyday. So instead of casual Fridays, I decided to do Bow Tie Fridays. After all, bow ties are always dressy, but never too dressy.

Then I discovered something wonderful about wearing a bow tie. People like it when you do.

Invariably, I get the random smile, nod, or “cool tie” as I walk across campus. I was once driving back from New Orleans, and stopped at a gas station about 10 miles outside of town. A roughneck who was standing in front of me in line, and who had clearly just came back from working on a rig, turned around, saw me, and said “that’s an awesome tie.”

Bow ties spread joy. The world could sure use more joy. So join the movement. #BowTieFriday

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