Bow Ties

Why I love Twitter

When I started this blog, I hoped a few people might find it interesting. But truly it was just a way for me to catalog my ties and give me a space to chat a bit. So the following story illustrates the power of social media, and its ability to create connections and friendships.

About a month ago, I got a twitter message from “Earl of Bedlam” (@NewsFromBedlam), a bespoke tailoring company out of London. Turns out, they saw one of my #bowTieFriday posts through Twitter, liked it, and contacted me. Not only did they like my project, they knew some people in Baton Rouge, and had a childhood friend whose last name was also Beck. They felt duty bound to make the connection and follow me.

So I did what any good Twitter citizen would do. I contacted them back, and followed them back. Cool enough. They’re interesting people, make interesting clothes, a win-win.

What I didn’t know was that Earl of Bedlam was also running a giveaway for a bow tie. And it turns out, I was the winner. After several messages back and forth we discovered a few other interesting things:

  1. their shop is not far from where my brother lives in London
  2. the father of the family they know in Baton Rouge was on the faculty at LSU, where I currently teach
  3. my father’s family were tailors from the old country, a tradition that passed down from my great-grandfather through several generations and now to my daughter who is studying costume design and technology

About two weeks later, I received this very cool, slightly funky butterfly-style bow tie with a matching pocket square.


A few thank yous, follow up conversations about elections and life in general, and this otherwise random connection has become a friendship across the pond. So thanks to Mark and Caroline for their generosity. If you’re in London, go see them. If not, see their webpage at


In honor of Veterans Day, Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day in the UK, I’m wearing this wonderful British bow tie. Happy #bowTieFriday. Cheers and chin chin.

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